3. Drupal Jumpstart


Getting started in Drupal is best done by example.  In the next two classes we will work through the example site constructed in chapter 2 of our text. (pages 17-56)

Drupal basic ideas (review)

- Modules

- Users

- Nodes

- Taxonomy

Basic Stuctural Components

- Nodes

- Comments

- Users

- Blocks

- Menus

- Paths

Creating Content

Basic Navigation

Creating and positioning Blocks

Installing Modules

Path Module

Administration Menu Module

Configuring User Access and Permissions

Contact Form

Using Taxonomy

Setting up a basic Blog

Spam Detection tools - won't do these right now, just make you aware of them.....

Theming the site - a first stab at making this thing look ok (this will be covered WAY more extensively later)

Setting up Content Editing - HTML filtering and Security - VERY IMPORANT!!!

Setting variable Editing options for different user roles