4. Getting serious - customizing and making drupal more dynamic.


In the next two classes we will work through some more advanced examples of Drupal - using two modules to create multiple kinds of specific content, as well as dynamic ways of viewing that content.  Today we will work through pages 91-120.

This 2nd edition of the book does not yet have the web example set up for Drupal 7, so we will be doing this ourselves.  Download the files and instructions for doing this below.

Much of the material covered in this chapter was the most important fuctionality that moved from external Modules (CCK, Views, etc.) into core Drupal.  The chapter is still under progress (as is my own adaptation to the new system) - so keep your head up and eyes open through all this!

Overview of the case study Website - the importance of predesign

Content Construction Kit  - (historically one of the most imprtant add-on modules for drupal - now made a core feature in Drupal 7!)

setting up custom kinds of content.




Making new Content Types

Customizing Field Displays

The Views Module - an introduction

Creating two Page views (Nodes) of job listings and applications for specific users

Using the Views default vs override settings.

Creating Blocks using the views module.

Incorporating Arguments into a view, to make them user-specific

Adding view blocks to the sidebar of a page