5. Portfolio Site Exercise


 Now that we have covered a number of basics:  Content Types, Views, Image and file loading, Using Blocks and Menus, etc. we have most of the tools we need to put toegether a portfolio site.

As an in class project, we will start from scratch, and as a group will build a porfolio site, using either images supplied by me (my own text/images/sound and video from my site) or by you.  If you use your own material, this project can serve as a beginning of an actual portfolio.

We will assume the following with the page:

- There will be mutliple content types for different kinds of projects that we have documentation for.

- We will use Taxonomy to help catagorize projects, and to seperate them into specific categories.

- We will have a web menu that will direct the user to specific kinds of projects: "public art", "installation", "media art", "music", etc.

- We will include a bio section (as well as an "about the artist block") and downloadable pdf files for bio, CV, etc.

Once the portfolio is completed, we will use it as a working example for tomorrow's session on custom theming......

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