7. Wordpress Themeing



This class we will go through what it takes to set up a basic theme in Wordpress. THis will require understanding the .php files and the role they play, and editing both HTML and CSS to structure a wordpress site to look the way we want.  These processes are simliar in Drupal customization and themeing as well, so a lot of what you learn here will in general apply to Drupal as well (although Drupal is a bit more compilicated due to its larger scope).

n this class we will work our way through the second chapter of the Head First Wordpress book.

Mapping an existing site's design to a wordpress site.

Anatomy of a Wordpress Theme

PHP - how this generates dynamic web pages

Key .php files and what they do

Using Stylesheets (CSS) to format and control layout, fonts, colors, etc.

Using widgets to update a site.

The final Theme

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