8. Squarespace


In this class we will look at one final option - Squarespace.  THis is NOT an open source project, but rather a commercial hosting site that features preset templates, a very limited amount of access to customize things, but allows you to create highly visual websites that are fairly mobile-device friendly quickly and easily.  Options like squarespace are very good for certain situations, such as small commercial sites where the content is somewhat static, where not a lot of resources are available for implementing a larger site, and where good mobile device formatting, etc. is important - and easy solutions to online sales etc. are also important.  While these kinds of systems are much more "turnkey" they are still based around CMS engines, and embody many of the ideas we learned with Drupal and Wordpress.

We will look through my own case study, the site for Sketchbook Brewing Co. as a model for the kind of application the squarespace is useful.  Sketchbook's site fit the description above quite exactly, and was implemented by a team of artists, designers, and others who had not done lots of web development previously. The site was put together in a matter of a week or so.

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