Learning HTML - resources

There are a number of resources that will be usefule for learning HTML.

Lynda.com:  Go to the Lynda.com site through the portal - and search for:  XTML and HTML Essential Training
We suggest you do the follow sections: Sections 1,2,3,4 and possibly 8 and 9 (optionally) if you have time.

W3C Schools
Organization for standards compliance

W3C XHTML Tag Reference
Useful Tags

W3C CSS Tutorial

W3C CSS Reference

PHP Reference

A List Apart
articles and tutorials for building websites

Javascript Framework for animation/effects

PHP Example Code from Class
Below you'll find the example we went over in class on Thursday about how to alter the node.tpl.php files.  It includes example code and comments. Remember, you'll copy the node.tpl.php file as a node--your_content_type_name.tpl.php and edit that new file.